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Deploying and Operating Production Applications on Kubernetes in Hybrid Cloud Environments

As more and more enterprises look at leveraging the capabilities of public clouds, they face an array of important decisions. for example, they must decide which cloud(s) and what technologies they should use, how they operate and manage resources, and how they deploy applications.
A lot of technologies can help, but not all of them are equal. if you have heavily invested time, money, and energy in creating software, shouldn’t you have the ability to deploy and manage that software seamlessly across your hybrid environments and avoid the costs of rewriting it? how can you scale your software to meet customer demand? do you want to deploy your software where it makes sense, whether on-premises or to a specific public cloud, based on business value?
This ebook discusses how kubernetes is the answer to your hybrid cloud strategy and how it provides a holistic solution that simplifies your deployment, management, and operational concerns. the paper also provides links to additional resources that can help you refine your hybrid cloud strategy.

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