Big Data

Big Data Technology – What’s Next?

The world is expanding and so is the data around. The concept of big data has never looked more fascinating than now. Businesses are now looking for patterns to implement big data technology directly into their business applications and software. The term has moved from being just a buzzword to one of the most essential components of a company’s IT infrastructure. Organizations are taking the next step to identify the current as well as future developments in big data deployments.

Massive data sets from an ever-expanding list of sources are what define big data in the simplest way. Organizations are trying to create a culture where they can embed the technology in applications so that it can truly empower their business. Truly, big data has taken the business world by storm, but what next! How big is it going to get; will businesses using data see productivity benefits, are there any security concerns? Questions abound and so does their answers. However, differentiating between what will sustain and what will pass will save you time and most importantly, a wrong investment.

Shift from Centralized to Distributed Data

Since long, big data solutions, has been introduced as massive sets built around centralized data lakes. The reasons were quite simple. The data became difficult to duplicate and management was easier. In 2016 though, organizations are thinking of moving to distributed big data processing, not to mention managing multiple data location centers and multiple devices. Further, the continued growth of the Internet of Things is increasingly going to affect the deployment of distributed data processing frameworks.

Data will Grow at a Faster Pace

The ever-expanding list of resources continues generating larger and larger volumes of data. There are a lot of data and there is going to be more. Data-driven companies like Google are stressing on data analysis and how it must be grounded in sound values and practices.

Security Concerns Will Be one the Rise

Terabytes, petabytes, or exabytes – big data means huge amounts of data getting transferred between applications. The consistent back and forth of information is creating huge security concerns. Intrusions are detected on a daily basis and what’s worse is organizations are keeping security as their second or third priority. Hackers can breach any database if your security system gets easily defeated.

Organizations with weak protection solutions will end up being victims of thousands of hackers out there. Get a top-notch antimalware software program that will safeguard your perimeter and it won’t be pregnable.

Fast and Actionable Data Will Replace Big Data

Experts debate when it comes to quality of data. According to them, big isn’t necessary whatsoever and business doesn’t use even a fraction of the data they have access to. The idea is moving from big to fast and actionable data that answer questions and produces effective uses of the data.

Big data is going to get bigger no matter what. Don’t get left behind and adopt it as soon as possible. For effective data management and protection from intrusion, make sure you are securing your enterprise with top performance antimalware solutions. If big data is expanding, then so has to be the scale, speed, security and integration requirements of your organization.

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