4 Most Common Uses Of Cloud Computing

In just a few short years, cloud computing has transformed from an interesting buzzword into the future of the Internet. The reality is that moving some or all of your business data to the cloud can offer significant benefits, compared to hosting all of your applications and data in-house. Take a look at a few of the most common uses for cloud computing in the business arena. File Storage Backup Recovery Growth planning

  1. File Storage Cloud can offer you the possibility of storing your files and accessing, storing and retrieving them from any web-enabled interface. The web services interfaces are usually simple. At any time and place you have high availability, speed, scalability and security for your environment. In this scenario, organizations are only paying for the amount of storage they are actually consuming, and do so without the worries of overseeing the daily maintenance of the storage infrastructure.
  2. Back Up A good backup stores a copy of your files at a remote location. Until recently, that meant making a backup to a disk or tape and shipping those to a storage facility which was logistically complex, time consuming and not very cost effective. Cloud-based backup is a powerful solution: backups can be scheduled to run automatically, information is stored in a secure remote location where it will always be available when needed and capacity is never a problem.
  3. Recovery Disaster recovery can be extremely difficult for small businesses. In fact, many businesses would have to go out of business if they lost all of their important data in a disaster. By hosting your data in the cloud, you’re protected from any type of disaster – big or small
  4. Growth Planning Is your business using cloud computing to its full potential? If not, it’s definitely time to consider the benefits of cloud computing for your company’s needs. From file sharing to big data analytics and cloud management systems, every business is sure to find a need for the cloud. By using the cloud, businesses can plan for growth without a hefty up-front investment. Cloud storage is significantly more cost effective compared to on-site servers.

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