4 Industries that are Using Artificial Intelligence the most

4 Industries that are Using Artificial Intelligence the most

The moment when Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0 has entered the world, technologies are introduced so frequently and somewhere they all interconnect with each other.
For example – Combining AI with Machine Learning and IoT with Big Data makes the overall analysis possible, which helps the organizations to achieve their long term desired goals.

Earlier it was difficult to simplify even the complex tasks but today big turnover companies like facebook, google, etc. have given all their priorities to AI and MI.

According to research firm Tractica, the global AI software market should reach $ 118.6 billion in annual worldwide revenue by 2025. It further says that more than 300 AI use cases will contribute significantly to the market growth.

With the help of AI application development partners, almost every industry is leveraging the benefit of technology but let’s enumerate and look at the top 4 industries that have the highest potential for AI/ML applications.


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