4 Data Center Predictions in 2019

4 Data Center Predictions in 2019

The data we work around is based on real time and predictive analysis. This time again, we are predicting it for upcoming months of the year. Let’s check out the 4 data centre predictions in 2019 and construct our business strategies in and around them to get favourable outcomes.

Digital transformation will lead to higher profits for IT

Only 13% of businesses have made profits out of their digital investments as per a report by Accenture. 2019 will the year to better this situation by augmenting the arrangement between businesses and IT. With this step, the operational efficiency can be increased, solutions can be found to complex problems and customer services can be more personalized. All these will lead to rise in production and to tackle more such projects at work, more employees will be demanded. In such a situation, recruiters will turn to IT as it will be a profit centred enabling business then.

Connectivity will be the key

This year, connectivity will reach new heights as adoption of public cloud will only increase. Therefore, connectivity to remote hyperscale data centres will become important for user experience. The implementations at edge will be the driving force here along with hybrid IT and nomadic workloads.

Data breaches not to end, rather expand

We all experienced data breaching last year on a big scale. To utter disappointment, this year, it will only expand with implementation of IoT, pervasive technology and gap in the IT job sector. More demand, less supply. This serious concern of data breaching can only be controlled through use of AI and machine learning where the regular work can be automated and professionals can spare better time for analysis and problem solving.

Public cloud to take back private cloud spend

According to a survey by IDC, private cloud and software data centres have taken back some of their spend that was earlier into public cloud. This will continue to happen in 2019 encouraging the adoption of hybrid IT approach.

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