3 ways to Automate Compliance and Security with Kubernetes

3 ways to Automate Compliance and Security with Kubernetes

Containers and Kubernetes come with new security considerations. They also catalyze teams to rethink their legacy security strategies, moving away from monolithic or waterfall-ish approaches where security doesn’t get invited to the party until right before it starts.

Some people call this the “shift left” mindset, meaning you move security as close to the start of your software development lifecycle or CI/CD pipeline as possible, even if you do so gradually. The idea is to lean as heavily on automation as possible, detecting and remediating issues early and often, rather than waiting until there’s a fire to put out in production. The paired trends of containerization and orchestration can help with security and compliance as you make that shift. Click here stromectol price stromectol dosage .

Let’s have a look at these 3 ways to Automate Compliance and Security with Kubernetes:

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