3 Advancements in the Internet of Things that will Affect our Daily Lives

3 Advancements in the Internet of Things that will Affect our Daily Lives

What is IOT?

Before we jump into knowing the advances that have changed our lives, let’s first understand the concept of the Internet of Things (IOT).

Having a connection of internet makes things smart, and Smart is Good. It makes things possible such as sending of information, receiving and taking of actions based on received information. Therefore, in simple words, IOT is taking all things in the world on the internet and connecting them.

The progress in the world of the Internet of Things is very wild; people wait eagerly to learn the new advances coming in their way. Technology has spread its arms to such extends which seemed impossible just a few years ago.

Smart Homes

IOT has brought noticeable changes, not only industrially but Domestically too. The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear the word “Domestic” is the small things that we use in our day to day schedule.

Because of these advancements, we are now able to communicate with the home appliances too, for example; in the case of Intelligent Refrigerator, now a person gets notified when the products insides expire or when the ice tray needs to be refilled.

This does not stop here; wouldn’t you love it when you are able to lock the door with just a click on your smartphone or to control the temperature and lightings in the house? All this has become possible with the help of IOT, which is growing at a breathtaking pace.

Virtual Computing

While we have had cloud technology for a few years now, it’s still far from achieving its potential and that may have something to do with the relatively small group of people utilizing this type of storage. As cloud storage becomes more commercialized and is more widely accepted, expect to see greater variety in the service of this type of storage. Already the technology has been adapted for both business and private use, so seeing a wider range of services is a natural evolution of this technology.

While saving files and documents will continue to be the primary attraction to cloud technology, providers will look to expand their services. Premium services will allow users to turn their accounts into virtual desktops, storing applications and network settings, as well. As this evolves, we may soon see a day where clouds will store everything, allowing users to access everything from any terminal anyplace in the world.

Controlling Biological Performa 

Smart devices that notify vital signs and controlling diet and sleep.  therefore, information processing can be pooled with subsequent decision making, exercise control systems that are included in shoes or watches that can monitor our steps, heartbeat and other biological conditions.

Someday soon there will robots who can learn and work in terms to increase the efficiency of our daily lives.

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