How Internet of Things is Revolutionizing Workplace

February 28, 2019

Workplaces should be designed considering human presence, their comfort levels, accurate space to interact, create and generate. Ideal workspaces are few but they can be turned into smart with the use of Internet of Things (IoT). Though this could be an event of future but the presence of IoT at the office will not only make them smart but attractive too.

Smart Security

At workplaces, security cameras, smart locks, and various other sensors are the most popular uses of IoT.

This can lead to the elimination of outdated pass system and physical badges. To be able to use, a smartphone with an application to clock in or out would be enough.

Efficient Energy Usage

By using IoT at the office, businesses can be made more energy efficient. This is possible by smart lighting solutions or automated window shades that help reduce the intensity of light and color, also cutting down on waste. The sensors will recognise the absence inside the room and will automatically turns off the lights.

Moreover, by installing energy management systems, one can control the efficiency and consumption in the office.

Climate Comfort

Often we see disagreement of coworkers regarding the temperature of AC systems. With the advent of IoT at workplaces, the issue will be resolved. It won’t be up to people which temperature setting is more comfortable for them. The AC system will learn from the manual settings provided and persisted for a long period of time and then adapt its functioning to provide comfortable temperature.

Communication & Collaboration to go Smart

Smart projectors, interactive boards and room occupancy management are what IoT enabled conference rooms can offer. This helps in smart space management and coordination.

Customised Furniture

IoT will soon make desks to understand people’s preferences at their work spaces making them more productive and comfortable.


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