AI and Data Science Tool up to Battle COVID-19

AI and data science tool up to battle COVID-19

COVID-19 is something that no one has ever experienced in the modern world.

The modern world consists of new technologies and now the question arises what can modern technologies like data science and artificial intelligence do to help combat it?

We all know that COVID-19 is spreading rapidly all over the world. This global pandemic resulted in the generation of large volumes of data that data scientists are analyzing to track the disease and to find the solution for it.

The human cannot easily find the solution from the huge data of pandemic but data science can play an important role in finding out the right way to deal with the situation and to minimize the workload.

Artificial intelligence and Big data have been deployed in most of the projects to battle the pandemic. They can give accurate results across the whole life cycle of the outbreak: from prediction, detection, and response, all the way to recovery.


By using AI algorithms, it analyses big data from thousands of sources like news reports, airline ticketing data, government notices, etc to get the complete information about the emergence of new-influenza.

Instead of taking help from local authorities, organization directly use the technology to detect the emergence of disease. And only because of directly using data to detect the information, they are capable of recognizing it in a first go.


Artificial Intelligence, in addition to detecting an outbreak, can also help in predicting the areas where the outbreak is likely to spread.

With the help of mobile phone data, it is possible to track the movement of people which is further helpful in identifying the location where the disease is likely to spread. This data helps the Healthcare authorities in taking accurate decisions related to the distribution of resources considering the amount of population in that particular area.

Managing the Pandemic

Everyone knows that social distancing is the only thing that can protect us from getting infected with the disease. And if it is not followed properly then the situation could be worse than ever imagined.

According to Data Scientists and Researchers, a large scale data on COVID-19 is required to get accurate results. For example – researchers suspect that blood type plays a role in the risk factors for developing severe forms of COVID-19, but studies and data are still missing.

In Fact according to WHO, the situation can be controlled by increasing the number of testing.

Data Science can play an important role in increasing the number of large scale testing and to characterize the people according to their results and health symptoms. So if there is more data, then it will be easier to predict the accurate results and the more easily this pandemic can be managed.


Once the outbreak has been managed and contained, the data collected from this outbreak can further be used to make accurate decisions in future outbreaks. This data is going to play a crucial role in determining how to deal with and combat future outbreaks.

Artificial Intelligence can determine where the next outbreak will come from and how dangerous it could be?. In this way, public authorities from the beginning can take immediate and reliable actions.

AI and big data can play an important role in providing early knowledge about the outbreak of disease and which is very important in improving our roles even in the worst situation.

Now we have the technology, we can deal with the situation appropriately.

All we need is a large amount of data to understand the disease, which is possible through AI and Big Data.

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