4 Ways to Turn Data Center Green

4 Ways to Turn Data Center Green

With the ever increasing demand for faster and more powerful computing, data centers are continuously looking to outperform themselves. Data centers need to be fully equipped with best-in-class solutions to:

+ meet the current and future requirements of your business,
+ reduce environmental impact by reducing power consumption and cooling requirements,
+ provide built-in or efficiently planned disaster recovery and data backup mechanism (investment protection), and
+ provide higher computing capabilities without necessarily increasing the cost and scale of your physical
IT infrastructure by supporting virtualization and cloud computing.

4 Ways to Turn Data Center Green from Tyrone Systems

Tyrone offers end-to-end data center computing solutions that enable you to address all these parameters in a cost-effective manner. Tyrone partners with industry leaders like SuperMicro, NVidia, Intel, and VMWare, to name a few to offer data center computing solutions that combine simplicity, energy efficiency, investment protection, data integrity, and high performance with cost efficiency and superior customer support.


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