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4 Ways To Protect Your Business From Data Disasters

The Digital Data has helped small business to compete with bigger business. Small businesses that use data intelligently can do business better. They can improve pricing and just-in-time supply chains. They can find cheaper suppliers that are closer to their location and that offer more price transparency. Businesses can identify key customers and treat them better.

They can understand customer patterns, know when they’re likely to come in and reward them for multiple visits. With so much critical information contained in digital data—from consumer credit card information to contact lists to financial records—businesses today must make data security a top priority because a disaster doesn’t have to dominate the headlines to have a catastrophic impact on a business. Fires, high winds and severe winter storms can damage or destroy offices and storefronts. And although the damage may not be visible to the eye, large-scale cybercrimes can bring business to a standstill.

So here are some useful tips to protect your data from Data Disaster:

#1. Back Up your Data on daily basis. 

Be careful with your data. Backing up files to cloud storage or to an external drive on daily basis is good places to start.


#2. Backing Up Your Backup Data.

Whether you store your backups on an external drive or upload files to the cloud, you should expect that something might go wrong. Cloud services have an occasional tendency to lose data and, because they aren’t supposed to be looking at your files, cloud storage providers can’t always help you recover lost files. For that we recommend you backing up to multiple cloud services.

backup (1).

#3. You Should Monitor the Health Your Drives 

Monitoring software, ActiveSMART 2.7, can warn you in advance of a catastrophic crash. The message, “This drive is logging errors and may fail,”, will put you on notice to take corrective action before a hard disk failure brings your business to a halt.

#4. Test Your Backup

 A lot of people think they’re backing up all the time, but they never had a reason to restore their data, so they don’t really know if it’s working. We recommend deleting a few test files from your system and trying to restore them, to make sure your backup system is doing its job

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