Want to create Magic in your Animation?


We all know that creating magic in an animated feature film requires many millions of CPU hours coupled with many compute challenges

Animation studios constantly endeavor to create magic that is better and more saleable than the last one. They work under tight deadlines pressure to create and release their movies. 
One of the most compute intensive phase in this complex process is- Rendering.  Rendering requires huge data crunching efforts and hence is also the most time consuming. But with high performance computing, not only can animators do rendering in a jiffy now but also release the movies as per schedule.

Why the need for HPC in Rendering:

·      Local machine rendering leads to loss of productivity of the artists.
·      The common network distributed rendering softwares create a lot of IO and network bottlenecks.
·      When the number of render scenes increases, there are more requirements for compute power; HPC is the ideal solution for it.
·      High efficiency, stability and performance.

Here’s an interesting video by Dreamworks explaining the need for HPC. You may enjoy 
watching it: 

Given that millions of scientists, engineers, researchers, and even animation designers around the world are seeing the need for bigger, faster, and more powerful computing solutions, there is an unmet demand for supercomputers at affordable prices. 

Tyrone presents, Global Processing Unit (GPU) powered supercomputing clusters, also called GPGPU, provide access to massive computing capacity while reducing energy consumption.

Here is what you get with a Tyrone personal supercomputer powered by NVIDIA’s revolutionary CUDA architecture: 

Peak Performance        18.5 teraflops of computing capability in Tower

Network/Interconnect    Compatibility Ethernet 

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