USD 1 PER HOUR HPC-Now in India

USD 1 PER HOUR HPC-Now in India
While there is no specific and fixed definition of High Performance Computing, one can define it succinctly as any computational activity that requires more than a single computer to execute a  task.
HPC can be used for various purposes and tasks that require fairly high degree of computation power, such as:
  • Develop and redesign products
  • Optimize production and delivery processes
  • Analyze or develop large datasets
  • Conduct large-scale research projects
  • Store large amounts of data for future analysis
  • Perform consumer trend monitoring, searching or profiling
  • Create computer visualization that explain research results
  • Carry out simulations and / or modelling of complex processes
Tasks that can take months can be done in a few minutes.  For example:
  •        A retail store chain or a large outlet can use HPC to perform daily stock analysis, optimize supply chain or even the floor design or rack design based on user behavior and sales
  •            An educational institution can use HPC to make it’s libraries and information dissemination more efficient. It can find out key information
  •          A products company can reduce the time to go to market drastically with the help of high end simulation and analysis
  •          Physical testing can be replaced by virtual testing for manufacturing companies and pharmaceutical companies
The primary challenge for SMBs is the cost of software. What users have to justify is not just $25,000 for a piece of hardware, but a business case for $150,000 in total annual system costs, according to Steve Conway, research vice president in IDC’s High Performance Computing group.
The main advantage of moving to HPC systems is better performance, being able to run a simulation much faster, according to Conway. A job that may have taken a week on a workstation can instead be completed in a couple of hours, he said.
One of the ways that smaller companies could take advantage of HPC is by using cloud services. In general, cloud computing could help companies offload some workloads, according to IDC.
Just imagine that with USD 1 per hour on demand HPC solution in India,  hundreds of thousands of SMBs in the sectors of automobile parts, drug & pharma and other manufacturing subsectors can now quickly deploy HPC now and create world class products faster than ever thus increasing their competitiveness and profitability
While Tyrone already has over 300 HPC installations in the country and now with the introduction of Tyrone Edra on Demand, it is disrupting the market further with it’s HPC on Subscription model. 
This implies that SMBs and other enterprises that do not want to sink capital cost upfront can leverage HPC and be as efficient as their MNC peers by adopting Tyrone Edra on demand.
Tyrone Edra is a real on-demand solution with a cost of just USD1 per hour and makes a no-brainer case for SMBs to immediately embark upon HPC
Sources: Computerworld, IDC, Dataquest.

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