The Agile DataCenter

As per a Forbes report roughly 70% of the organizations that featured in Forbes 1000 companies, 10 years ago have vanished!

Why? Not a rocket science to understand, most of them were not agile enough to adapt to a changing environment (competition, technology, user behavior etc.)

Thomas Bittman, a VP and distinguished analyst at Stamford, Conn.-based research firm Gartner Inc., said that measuring progress in your IT infrastructure and operations rests on three pillars: (1) economics, or how much it costs; (2) quality of service, or response time; and (3) the vague concept of agility. Bittman defined such agility as the ability of a data center to adapt to changing IT relationships, different response times and fluid business requirements.

Despite huge developments in power management, virtualization and white-box server architecture, data centers using traditional L2/L3 architectures are still complex, expensive, and slow to respond to the needs of customers.  The next generation data-centres have to be agile and flexible.

A new software-defined architecture that helps organizations reduce costs, simplify the network-side of the data center, improve resiliency and deliver applications more reliably to users at lower cost is perhaps the key. Ultimately, the goal of the data center modernization initiative at a large enterprise is to achieve agility of IT infrastructure to better handle disaster recovery, availability, and scale.
To conclude: 3 important attributes can make your data center agile:  Virtualization + IT delivered as a service + IT intelligence
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