Role of HPC in OIL & GAS Industry.

Beyond speculations, Most of us are in a state to accept the fact that, the Oil and gas resources will be used up one day, but glimpses of hopes are also there if we find an alternate to utilize Oil and Gas reserves in an equitable way . The initiationof HPC Applications to Oil and gas exploration have been considerably increased during the past decades, Thanks to HPC for its great contribution to Oil and Gas. It is beyond doubt HPC’s help to oil and gas is highly effective and today and the oil and gas segment is one of the highest user of HPC.
In the Oil and Gas industry, correct reservoir identification and associate cost of setting operations that are becoming deeper, harsher, more remote and subsequently more expensive. Also, there is in the industry a quest for more operational efficiency and flexibility.
HPC plays a dual and also a vital role for the benefit of this segment. First is the Seismic processing which determines the suitable and best location to dig well which will lead to better yield involving a low budget. Seismic processing is data intensive and as such HPC is deployed to processes terabytes of data on every node.
Increasingly newer oil fields are located in more geological complex areas, for example, hydrocarbons are now being found beneath the body of salt. Traditional data processing techniques do not work insuch environments. Hence,more complex imaging methods like Reverse Time Migration (RTM) are deployed. Apart from requiring process of terabytes of data, RTM techniques demand data volume of one simulation to be accessible by another, This kind of complex simulation environment requires a highly efficient and parallel file system to work on a fast and low latency network and it is quite a challenging to squeeze in maximum performance from the hardware to suit in the application.
The second way in which the oil and gas industry has benefited is with the Reservoir simulation. Reservoir simulation is the process where more information related to a particular field is analysed and visualized to perceive how the maximum can be extracted from there. Seismic processing can scale to thousands of nodes for the computing quite easily without the faster inter connect.
Reservoir simulation,on the other hand, requires high speed interconnect and low latency for the computing. Naturally, in reservoir simulation there is a growing use of accelerators like GPGPU and Xeon Phi from Intel. Accelerators are used to boost the processing power at a lower cost.
Oil & Gas is also getting benefited with big data implementations for a permanent Reservoir monitoring which could continue information on the situation in the field. With a need to make quick decisions, oil and gas exploration need to analyse the vast volumes of data collected in the field as rapidly as possible. HPC is an accurate match for the challenges of oil and gas exploration.
Aided by HPC technologies, during the last decade we have seen the recovery rate is going up from 30 percent to 50 percent, which is a considerable improvement, but at the same time we should not forget the point that there are still 50 percent left to be explored.
Each percentage point is significant and could easily be loading up the resources with additional 300 million barrels per annum. Consider the cost of $100- 110 per barrel price implies that we are actually saving millions. Even 5% boost in the recovery rate would be substantial over the world, Not only saving trillions of dollars a year but also tapping up the Oil and Gas reserve. HPC does not see any nationality, it helps the entire segment in a secular way. The cost saving and revenue multiplication actually makes the investment in HPC a miniscule cost to spend.
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