Museums + Storage + Bandwith + Interactivity= Profits & Traffic

When was the last time you visited a museum in India? And how was your experience? You must have left the museum with a thought that a lot can be achieved with the help of technology in terms of user experience. You are right, Museums are community symbols of culture, education, science, transportation and what have you.
It attracts intellectuals, passionate and children alike- but what does a museum do to enhance the user experience in such a way that the knowledge within is disseminated on demand everywhere (let’s say-how about schools plugging-into National Science Museum, Delhi), the experience can be interactive and users can have a multimedia consumption as well! 
Think about how museums in India can become a major tourist attraction and earn much more money by letting schools plug-in or letting people access on demand, virtually & remotely.
Sometimes, it appears that the Temples of India are much more tech savvy than the government institutions (Look at Tirupati Temple’s RFID tags, or virtual/remote puja in many others- We will have a separate blog on this someday)
A case in point is of Field Museum of Chicago, which recently upped its Internet service from 30Mbps to 1Gig.
The museum signed on for Comcast  Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet service, which the vendor says enables the museum’s WiFi system to transfers more than 15.5TB of data a year to 113K+ individuals.
The question that you may ask is- what will they do with so much bandwidth and what constitutes the increase in storage from 120TB to 160TB?
The upgraded service gives the iconic natural history and research institution the bandwidth to support interactive technologies that give visitors new ways to explore and engage with its collections, content and exhibits, and helps enhance its business operations.
“Museums are expected to continually incorporate new digital technologies and make visitor experiences even more interactive. Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet has helped us meet these challenges by providing a reliable, high-capacity network that we can scale as needed,” said Rob Zschernitz, director of technology, The Field Museum. “Further, it gives us the ability to provide a more interactive and immersive experience for our visitors.”
Like Field Museum, In India also, the museums need robust technology infrastructure upgrade and a vision to extend their services via mobile apps or by other means.
They would need to invest in interactive technologies, storage, bandwidth and they would be money making machine who everyone loves.

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