Intel oneAPI Webinar

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 Get the skills you need to program in a heterogeneous world

As the world’s data-centric workloads become more diverse, so do architectures that process that data. Intel oneAPI aims to deliver a unified standards-based programming model to simplify application development across diverse computing architectures deployed in CPU, GPU, AI, FPGA, and other accelerators.

Training Modules

Together Tyrone & Intel are excited to bring advanced training on oneAPI

Module 1 : Getting Started with oneAPI
Module 2 :  Introduction to DPC++
Module 3 :  Writing a Vector Add Code in DPC++
Module 4 :  DCP++ Vector add code demo (Compilation + Execution)
Module 5 :  Introduction and demo of DPCT.
Module 6 :  Unified Shared Memory (USM) concepts
Module 7 :  oneAPI Profiling Tools

Interested in learning more about Intel oneAPI tools ?

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