Impact of 5G service on IT Sector

Sandeep Lodha, Co-founder at Netweb Technologies said, “With this rational allocation the government intends to increase capital investment significantly. The government has announced a number of targeted spending initiatives that will boost the IT industry both directly and indirectly. Project Gati Shakti, on which the government is concentrating its efforts, will usher in a major shift in the country’s supply chain management. For projects like these, the use of technology, as well as the expanded use of technology, will be critical. This will boost Cloud usage even more, with various AI use cases and benefits for technologies like blockchain. The government’s commitment to education and Edutech will have a greater impact on education quality, resulting in more highly skilled individuals accessible in the country. Giving a licence to a renowned international university will strengthen this skill much more. The introduction of 100 television channels will benefit the media and broadcast industries, which will necessitate a large amount of IT-related equipment, as well as a large number of portals for learning management systems. This will be a significant benefit to the IT business, and essential technologies such as cloud, servers, and other forms of technology distribution will benefit greatly, with that the government’s investment in digital banking and fintech will help to improve financing and overall encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as boost the IT sector by providing the necessary infrastructure. The government’s announcement of a digital rupee and the adoption of blockchain technology will boost the IT sector. The government’s announcement of a 5G spectrum auction between 2022 and 2023 was on track. It’s encouraging to see the PLI plan for design-led manufacturing announced; this will aid in the development of Make in India goods and solutions. We applaud the government’s commitment to R&D, which has been formalized by allocating 5% of the Universal Service obligation to it, but we’ll have to wait and see how effective it is on the ground; R&D has a cycle, and the sooner we get in, the sooner we can start rolling out products when the actual implementation begins.”

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