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Gaming Industry on Cloud Nine!

Gaming Industry on Cloud Nine
There are 4 major challenges for any Game manufacturer.  With cloud computing, these challenges have now become opportunities for the gaming industry to grow further
The challenges/opportunities are as below:
1      .     How much can you store locally?:
2      .    Play against others
3      .     No or less investment in proprietary hardware
4      .     Easy upgrade
1.     Local Storage Diminishing:  Players want to save the game progress very often, and not just that, if they are playing 2 or 3 different games they would want to save all of them if space was not an issue.
But space indeed is limited and hence with cloud computing individual gamers need not worry about inadequate space.  They can rent more space on decrease space-on demand
2.     Play Against Each Other- The value of a gaming network increasing manifold if there is an opportunity for players to play against each other. Gaming companies strive for network effect and with the help of cloud computing, they can create opportunities for individual-to-individual or even group to group playing, thus increasing their network effect by a huge rate.
3.     Proprietary Hardware:  Cloud allows individuals to play  a game on any platform, in fact the cloud itself becomes the platform thus negating the need for investing into expensive proprietary gaming hardware platforms. This implies that more people with switch to cloud gaming in the coming future.
4.   Upgrades: And of course one need not worry on upgrades. In fact cloud may have a differential cost system based on upgrade version. Which means that people would be free to choose their own version of platform or game and can play with

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