Data Science Hot or Not?

CrowdFlower believe 2015 will be a big year in data science. In simple words – Its not about what company’s have, its now about what they can do with it.

The further argue that the role of the data scientist is also going to go through an evolution where we a Chief Data Scientists will supersede Chief Information Officers when it comes to making key IT and big data related purchasing decisions in the coming year. Overall, companies are going to be paying critical attention to data science and the impact this space will have on organizations of all sizes and focus.

The 2015 Hot & Not List includes:

  • Rich Data vs. Big Data: In 2015, companies will rely on rich data–the volumes of data that have actual relevance–instead of big data, to drive growth.

  • Data of Everything vs. Internet of Things: Our fascination with the Internet of Things isn’t going away but the aggregated data generated from connected devices will add a new layer of value to IoT.

  • Chief Data Scientists (CDS) vs. Chief Information Officers (CIO): In the past, CIOs were the keepers of all things IT but in 2015, Chief Data Scientists will hold the purse strings when it comes to key IT buying decisions that leverage company data.


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