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We came across an interesting article, that was published last year and thought of sharing the key points with all. (The original article can be found here: http://www.biztechmagazine.com/article/2013/08/biotech-companies-see-roi-high-performance-computing-systems)
Research organization today can let lab clinicians rapidly identify pathogens and determine susceptibility to available antibiotics. Traditional methods require 24 to 48 hours; good HPC systems can do it in maybe 4-6 hours!
Once a domain of interest for Government and large academic research organizations, HPC today is being adopted by small and medium private research outfits.
Thanks largely to HPC now becoming affordable. Infact Tyrone has a solution that is completely on-demand and pay-per use , which is terrific in the sense that now research organizations not only pay less but pay only when they use.
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Key Questions SMBs Should Ask:
  •      Does your processing workload justify the capital expense?

  •       What are your data requirements

  •      Do you have the in-house expertise or a trusted partner to help build this type of system

  • ·     Is the data accessible

Tyrone has already 300 HPC isntallations and with their on-demand and pay-per-use product 
coupled with a team that can help SMBs answer the above questions- it’s a win-win situation for 

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