A recent Gartner research identified CIOs as the title most responsible for driving digital innovation and change, the latest sign that the role is evolving away from a reputation for just managing back-office technologies.
The key attributes that a CEO looks in a CIO, as per hsalloc.com, are very interesting:
             Leadership: is the number one attribute and it outweighs every other parameter: This implies that the CIO needs to have a business vision and an ability to attract talent in the company to rally for this cause and be able to reach outlines goals, with maxmising profits and lowering costs.
    Biz-Tech:  A CIO should be able to understand whether a technology will work for a business cause or not. Simple.
    Customer Orientation: Should visit customers or listen to customers and understand root-up challenges, problems and opportunities.
    Trusted advisor: In order to become a trusted advisor, a CIO needs to be abreast with business opportunities and realities. Should read top business books and subscribe to top business magazines so that he has a hand on pulse of business-reality
    The CIO and the IT organization need to see itself as the vendor to the business.  And 
     by taking to the CFO to lunch, you can begin to get a relationship built with a very 
     influential person.
If CIOs do all the above mentioned things, they indeed can be the trusted friend that the CEO is looking for!

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