Human being’s quest for knowledge in the fields of medicine, astronomy, weather and even consumer behavior is at a stage today where the answers cannot be found without the help of HPC or High Performance Computing/Supercomputing.

“There’s really very little research that isn’t dependent on computing,” says Ann Arvin, vice provost and dean of research at Stanford Research Computing Center (SRCC).

Read on to find how Stanford answers questions about our planet, climate and ourselves with the help of HPC here: http://news.stanford.edu/features/2014/computing/

(Questions like: How can we predict future climate?, How did we evolve?, How was our Universe formed? And a whole lot more)

Meanwhile at Tyrone Systems, we bring the following cutting edge HPC solutions to you:

HPC Clusters
Linux Clusters
Rendering Clusters
GPU Optimized Computing
SMP Solutions
Management Tools

Another revolution is Our ‘Supercomputing-on-Demand’ service that pushes the envelope of supercomputing further by extending massive number crunching abilities on a pay-for-use basis.  This is one of the first pay-per-use service in Asia and India, and if you want to know more please visit: http://tyronesystems.com/index.html
 or know more about our HPC solution set here: http://tyronesystems.com/high_performance_computing.html

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