Big Data

Big Data Analytics -The New Dope Of Sports

Big Data In Sports

Investments or sports, both are analyzed and data-crunched heavily to predict outcomes , yet many experts believe that it is the skill and not numbers that really matter.

Many months before the start of ICC World Cup 2015, the analysts had again started debating this issue and putting forward their points either in the form of numbers or by analyzing skill sets of teams to predict which team can outperform others.

We heard about certain European countries now experimenting with sensors embedded in their players clothing that sends data about their heart-beats and location. Ditto in USA where players have been using Adidas miCoach system to record and stream various data sets.

Now the challenge really is not whether you should capture data or not. The challenge is how do you interpret that data given that all teams can have same sensors and same set of data relayed?

The opportunity hence is how best to analyze and interpret this data!

And to make this challenge worse, we are not talking about sensor data only but also video data that is helpful in analyzing specific motions or movements- like in case of swimming where video analytics and simulate and compare most efficient swim motions.

While Big Data analytics is beyond doubt the new age king-maker or the new dope that can give teams an extra edge, however the coaches should consider natural talent as well and not trust data or enforce data analytics finding on players. Because a player plays with his heart and data should be used to guide him/her to lend a better perspective and never to force him/her to change his style that he may not be comfortable with.

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