A Few Interesting & Active HPC Projects in Universities

High Performance Computing is now the bane of all critical research and development processes , especially in Universities. Whether it’s research around, weather, or space or even nano level microbiology, HPC is speedily becoming a trusted leverage. Here is a list of a few Universities which are using HPC actively in their research programs:

University of Strathclyde Glasgow
Non-equilibrium fluid dynamics
Extracting drinking water from sea water, re-imagining aeroplane design for the best fuel efficiency and lowest carbon dioxide emissions, and travelling to other planets and returning safely to earth all require a new understanding of the complex fluid dynamics involved. Professor Jason Reese in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is using high performance computing to help simulate and design these emerging and future technologies.
Dr Paul Mulheran, in the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, is investigating how proteins interact with solid surfaces to understand what the biological response is when a material is introduced to the body.
North Carolina State University

American University, Washington DC
This research revolves around the study of the cellular targets of drugs, the identification and pharmacological characterization of molecules that modulate their activity, and the examination of the cellular consequences resulting from such pharmacological intervention.



Attempting to see if noise in trader activity influences the behavior of institutional traders.
University of Nottingham, UK
The key research themes that are backed by HPC are:
1.       Infection, particularly bacteriology and virology-with Drug Discovery Priority
2.      Drug discovery & molecular therapeutics
3.      Integrative animal and human physiology
4.      Epidemiology & Public Health-in particular tobacco control

There are so many interesting areas of research and we will try and bring to you more such areas where HPC is adding value intermittently

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