5 Key Drivers for the Success of Cloud Computing

With the huge interest that cloud has built-up amongst CIOs and CEOs alike, we thought of compiling the best and most critical drivers of growth for Cloud.

We are listing only 5 here, and will be glad if you can also suggest what you think are the missing key drivers of growth for clouds, we will be happy to publish those drivers along with your name here.

So here we go with the blog post:

The first and foremost driver of cloud computing is undoubtedly –Mobility.
Needless to say that with the increased adoption , increased screen size and increased processing power in mobiles have led to the need of increased storage and access of data –while one is mobile.
Not just that, with increasing number of executives now plugging their mobile devices into the enterprise ecosystem, the access of data is now also real time.
E.g. Clearly, a salesman can input real time figures on competition or sales from a remote village and the same can be accessed by the marketing and production teams in different parts of the globe
Rise of mobility is now driving solution providers to device solutions addressing specific industry needs. For instance, in healthcare industry, diagnostic imaging applications based on mobile platforms are now charting their way among the clinicians / doctors to view patient information/ medical images on the move while the large images/ patient data can be stored on HIPAA compliant cloud storage.
Move from CAPEX to OPEX
Many companies understand now that the future is fluid, and they should be agile enough to quickly respond to an uncertain future in terms of technology adoption, new product development and consumer behavior. This implies that the CIO and CEO both are thinking moving from a  model where they are investing in generic infrastructure to a model where they invest in and focus on their core competencies with quick and agile organizational genetics.
Business Continuity
This is a no-brainer. One of the most important considerations for cloud is that it will help businesses run their businesses un-interrupted
On Demand Scalability
One of the most significant advantages of the cloud is the ability to scale up and down as per the businesses’ requirements. This is especially beneficial for companies that have seasonal demand or companies that introduce new products often
Cost Savings
Most of the CIOs expect a major cost saving when they deploy a cloud solution, while this may be largely true but often cost savings benchmarks can vary. Hence apart from cost savings one should also look into the opportunity cost saved in the form of testing, new deployment, training and maintenance etc. apart from speed of doing business.

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